What I don't know I don't like
What I don't like I don't want
What I don't want I waste

I hypnotize with alibis and fingers made of lead
I sympathize with frozen eyes turned inwards in my head
I realize to my demise it's better left unsaid
That columns crash down endlessly and I will end up dead

I theorize I'm on the rise
But all I do is fall
I victimize my love of life
I've seen and done it all

Ready steady stop
Hurry up and wait
The tick-tick-ticking of the clock
Delineates your fate

What I don't see I don't know
What I don't know I don't want
What I don't want I don't need
What I don't need I don't feel
What I don't feel I don't say
What I don't say I don't do
What I don't do I don't like
What I don't like I waste

Ready steady go
Finish up your plate
Before you even realize
It's gonna be too late

I don't know what I see
I don't want what I know
I don't need what I want
I don't feel what I need
I don't say what I feel
I don't do what I say
I don't like what I do
I just like to waste

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