Piss Aaron

Todd Rundgren

We figure, my daddy and me
Things are still the same, it seems
As when he lived it in his teens as a kid in school
Aaron was a junior, the class of '32
His momma called him angel,
but everybody knew he was the
King king, the gross out king
They called him Piss Aaron
They always caught him pissin' in the hall
Piss Aaron, he never would refuse when nature called

Dumb Larry from homeroom 9
Kept his locker full of weeds
Just to satisfy his smoking needs and his love of fire
Went to a game and lit a stink bomb in the bleachers
The coach, the cheer leader, and
the chem teacher, and the
Dean dean, duh dean dean was after
Dumb Larry, they always caught him smokin' in the john
Dumb Larry, you never would have missed him
when he's gone

Chuck Biscuits, conservative-jive
The biggest pig in all the school
He would sit and smack his lips and drool
as he eyed your lunch
I left a bag in his desk one night
A raw egg sandwich and when Hungry took a bite
he had to
Up chuck, uh up up-chuck, a'pukin'
Chuck Biscuits, they always caught him eatin'
in the class

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