No One Else


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You're the moviestar
Of my innerspace
Come to town a while
Bring your quiet place

Show me how it's done
With a wave of your hand
I'm destroyed and

No one else can make me cry like you, you love

You're the only one
Who did everything right
Come to play with me
Come to change my mind

Sleepy valium
Low red light in the wine
I've been thinking about
The one you left behind

No one else can make me cry like you, you love
Laughing lost her way she caught a train to far points north and
left the phone bill on the table in the sun
She'd had enough of her old self same face same space she wanted
wider fields where she could run

Come on then
Time is getting late
Show me how you
Make it all rightNo one else can make me cry like you
No one else can make me fly get me high shine light inside and make me cry like you, you love
(3/27/95 10:08AM).

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