앨범 : 리메이크 최신 발라드
작사 : Austin Roberts

☆ I.O.U - 위일청 ☆
You believe that I've changed
your life forever
And you're never gonna find
another somebody like me
And you wish you had more
than just a lifetime
to give back all I've given you
And that's what you believe
But I owe you
the sun light in the morning
and the nights of all this loving
that time can't take away
And I owe you
more than life now more than ever
I know that it's the sweetest debt
I'll ever have to pay
I'm amazed when you say
it's me you live for
You know that when I'm holding you
you're right where you belong
And my love I can't help but smile
with wonder when you tell me
all I've done for you Cause I've known all alone

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관련 가사

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경음악 이렇게될줄알면서(위일청)  
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