You Like Me

Steve Nicks

You Like Me
- written by Stevie Nicks (1987)
- recorded by the Williams Brothers w/out Stevie

Don't read your words into my words
Don't let the weight on your shoulders pull you down
No matter what you heard, dont believe everything that goes around
Oh your rage I see through

You Like Me don't you
You can't hide the feeling
Your lies I see through...
You like me don't you...

Don't read your words into my words
Remember the words...don't do it
Wrote me a letter of hate or of love
Well I could do without it
You stand and accuse me..
and you want to know..who is it?
Well you oughta know who is it
Oh your rage I see through

You like me don't you
No you can't hide the feeling,
Your eyes I see like me don't you

Never say I don't need you to love me
Cause I need you to love me
And as hard as I know you can't hide the feeling..

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