Mirror, Mirror

Steve Nicks

Mirror, Mirror
- written by Stevie Nicks
- b-side to cassette single Blue Denim (U.S. August 1994)

And as all this comes to an end
So go the lilies of the valley
From this hour on
Brilliant is your danger
Darker than the image on the wall
Is the fear of it all
But he never said no to you baby
Mirror, Mirror

Ooh, sometimes your frightened
And you don't know why
There's been a few things
Well, I know you really loved a lot
And then one day
In your bright blue sky
Well, I never did say why to you...
Why... You must know...
He said No not really

Some of us will...
Some of us will never see the light
Some of us will only say,
Well, I don't want to fight about it
And then one day,
Well, you really fall in love
And you never did say
No to me did you?
He said, See ya!

Mirror, mirror
Mirror, mirror
Mirror, mirror

Memories fade like the wind
Oh, and she says
No, this will never come again
He says, Oh well... who can tell?
She says...I think you walk a thin line
Walk a thin line
She said you must know
He said No not really...

Then there are the things,
Well I know that there's a few things
That you really loved a lot...
I know, in spite of what you say,
One thing that I really wanted,
I really wanted you...
This will leave you
Haunted in your mirror

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