Mirror Mirror

Kelly Price

Been looking for love
I never could find it
While I'm standing here
And he is so blinded by her silly ways
He just can't imagine
She's playing a game
A game that he played for so long, oh

I want him to know
Just how much I love him
I wanted to show
But he just believes
I'm a friend he can trust
But I wanna touch him
I love him enough
To heal all the hurt in his heart
Oh yes I do but how do I start

1 -Mirror, mirror
On the wall
Can you tell me who to call?
When the one I love
Is loving someone who can't see
Mirror, mirror
On the wall
Tell me if he'll ever fall so in love with me
Or could it be it's just make believe

Boy I had a dream
Or maybe a vision
That I was your queen
Cause I fit the slipper
You took me away
To happily ever
We laughed and we made
Sweet love till the sun came again
Oh yeah we did, hmm
But that was the end, oh

Repeat 1

Oh, if you're looking for love
It's right in your face
I've been waiting for you
So don't run away
Fairy tales can come true
If you believe
(They can come true if you believe)

Repeat 1

Mirror, mirror
On the wall
I wanna know, I wanna know
Is he gonna know?
That I'm loving him
And I'm needing him
Or will he love someone who can't see
Mirror, mirror
On the wall
Mirror, mirror
On the wall

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