Wounded Angels

앨범 : Wearing A Martyr's ...

Fatally I sleep with your sins
And truthfully I lay in your hate
A long version we had
A painful path of dark shadows
Blind obedience, if only they knew
What was coming?
An ancient mystery of prime honor
My actions so bright, the darkness Ill fight
I am the true king
Wounded angels arise from pain
Wipe the tears from your eyes
Wounded theories and waves of shame
Keep the spirit alive
Light the unknown
For those who will fall
A way to salvation
Close all the doors
For no one will call
The name of temptation
Favoring the truth
For all eternity they will be remembered

그외 검색된 가사들

가수 노래제목  
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Everything but the girl Walking Wounded  
Third Eye Blind WOUNDED  
Jethro Tull Wounded, Old And Treacherous  
Chicago Only Time Can Heal The Wounded  
Jethro Tull Wounded Old And Treacherous  
운디드 플라이(Wounded Fly)  
운디드 플라이(Wounded Fly) 달빛  
운디드 플라이(Wounded Fly) We're In Summer  
운디드 플라이(Wounded Fly) Two Toys  
운디드 플라이(Wounded Fly) 서로  
운디드 플라이(Wounded Fly) 울보  
운디드 플라이(Wounded Fly) 미안해하지마  
운디드 플라이(Wounded Fly) 어젯밤  
운디드 플라이(Wounded Fly) 융단폭음기  
운디드 플라이(Wounded Fly) Drive  
운디드 플라이(Wounded Fly) We're The Champion  
운디드 플라이(Wounded Fly) 두 아이  

관련 가사

가수 노래제목  
Third Eye Blind WOUNDED  
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Nightrage Sting Of Remorse  

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