If you were an angel I would cut off your wings
To keep you with me I would do anything
Like broken bottles that slip from drunken hands
I've watched my star falling and shatter on the ground
First you wash your hair then you wash your hands
Oh yeah I think I understand
Untouchable if I'm not fit
To even crawl if I'm too sick
I'll soak my skin in alcohol until I feel untouchable

I blew my chances as you blowdried your hair
I thought of my answers as you walked down the stairs
D'you think I'd defile you, if you were to close?
D'you think I'd infect you?
D'you think I'd give you a dose?
First you wash your hair then you was your hands
Oh yeah I think I understand

I'll drink until my skin is full and I will feel untouchable
Untouchable…… untouchable……

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