Last Day

Silver Sun

This is the last day of your life. Not in 3D. Instead in 2D flat, don't pull me out. I like the snow and better still, I like it when you're not around. Give me my loan back. All my ex-girlfriends they were shit.

Chorus - This is the last day of your life, and where are you going to go now? This is the last day of your life.

This is a still life pipe smoking momma. And she's mad. Words were meant to be lies. Didn't score no tries. Out of your mouth the golden palace and the teeth of a million days. All of these notes and music, hey, hey, hey. Won't you listen to what she says.

And on the toilet dad walks in, as she tries to do her thing, and everybodys gone surfing - again!

Repeat chorus x2

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