Let It All Go

John Hiatt

I knew a guy who was
Mad at his best friend
Stayed that way for
Twenty years, and
I don't know why he
Can't seem to make amends
Tears in his eyes
You know the pain doesn't end

You got to... let it all go
Oh, you got to... let it all go
Talkin' about let it all go
So it don't burn a hole
In your heart

I knew a girl who
Left home in a hurry
Something to prove and
Bridges to burn
Her parents' dreams soon
Turned into worry
Angels taught that girl
What she needed to learn


I swear to God, man
It don't come easy
Kicking myself
Most of the time
I need help to keep
The wheels greasy
Keep that train whistleing
On down the line


You got to let it all go
(So it don't burn a hole in your...)
Let it all go
(You got to take control of your...)
Let it all go
So it don't burn a hole
In your heart

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