Where Were You?

Bonnie Tyler

Where Were You?

From the CD Bitterblue

Written by Albert Hammond and Holly Knight

Oh baby - I was always around
To pick you up when you were falling down
Now baby - when you were crying the blues
Wasn't I the one that you came crying to ?
In all the years gone by
You've never seen me cry
I never let you see the other side of me

Where were you
When I needed somebody to lean on?
Yeah where were you
When I needed a shoulder to cry on?
I always held you close when you were feeling weak
Guess I was walking down a one-way street
I was a fool to think that you'd be
There for me
Where were you?

Oh baby - when you needed a friend
I stuck beside you then through thick and thin
Now baby - when no one cared at all
Wasn't I the one that you would always call
I gave away my heart, I knew just where I stood
Till I reached out for you 'cause I thought I could


Now even more than what I'm going through
The cut that hurts the most is your attitiude
You're pretty good at taking what you need
You've got a lot to learn about loyalty
Believe me baby...There were times
You drove me crazy...I was so blind
Where were you?

I never let you down when you wee full of fear
Saved you from drowning in a sea of tears
Why baby when then weren't you ever there for me?...


Knighty Knight Music

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