Suddenly Single

Terri Clark

In the pale neon light of a Saturday night
You'll see him walk up to the bar
He'll size up the ladies, the "no's" and the "maybe's"
Till he finds one who'll let down her guard
Then the band on his hand gets slipped off again
And his disarming charm starts to work
And with a drink and a lie in the blink of an eye
Something amazing occurs

He's suddenly single
Instantly free
And for three or four hours
He's the man of her dreams
He acts like there's no one waiting at home
He'll be suddenly single
Till he's suddenly gone

He sneaks through the door at a quarter to four
But tonight there's no one to wake
The note that she wrote him says, I've given up hoping
I’d be able to change you someday
He sits on the bed shaking head
A man in complete disbelief
He knows what he's lost
Oh but he never thought
Someday he'd really be

Suddenly single
Instantly free
And for the rest of his life
She'll haunt his dreams
And now there'll be no one waiting at home
He's suddenly single
'Cause she's suddenly gone
He's suddenly single
'Cause she's suddenly gone

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