Hip-Hop Syndrome


Hip-Hop Syndrome

STEVE>Yo yoyo check, 21st century rap enough of that 가요 crap you know what I'm sayin
comin out str..... lyricist UPT, PT and Bobby killin wacked MC's like 1, 2, 3! TIGER J.K>Lyricals
I bust are deeper than olympic divers better yet than ocean bottoms next to the skelotons
of pirates, in the game of life it's all about who bust the tightest, if you ni.... try to bite this
then get your head cought up in the vice grips. Tiger be that immigrant, not civilian just
millitant to over throw the igorant to Redefine position within Hip-Hop and its citizens, my
men and all my women and lyrical ad....... tell me if you feeling it! BOBBY>What I'm thinking
abouts a practical notion cause the dominant hits me but i shake, then i'm still in motion, Now
hocus pocus I beg please now do focus. Unlimited stars got me potent, like speedy bullet shen

he was chosen. I float way above the sky the blury star sometimes you don't way too far like
the unknown oohs and ahs. Cause you don't know untill I hit ya, you be like I didn't see it
coming like the bee when it bit ya tell me whos wit ya. STEVE>I flippin out my rhymes like
dislexcit poet, kickin poetry me. equllvalent to 360 thousand infantry MC. I be all up in your
fantasy. dismentle your mental lyrical wit my physco bangle eating up MC's up like ventle.
stacking and packin and breakin down ni.... wit my s.. 44 oh 50 steppin into the vicinity of the
UPT directly mental f....... DJ.SHINE>Who the be baddest on the map that raps that be the
fattest see homicidal tendency making MC's just a status statistic, chelring y farenzic bacistic
murdering bumbaclots blowing spots upon your brain maintain your poise. Or get murdered like
the rest return of the B-boys bringin t

he noise so I empcoy my lyrical style to get you all
bumbaded with the vocabs ill enuff to bust ya knee cap "Duh" gettin ya mad retarded "nah nah".
IIMC, STEVE>Yo! lets take a time out so I can bust my out you know what I'm talking about
three strikes you out no doubt IIMC true MC, Group done even try to test me thats my
identity famous rushing down this ice special set you up like a child kill a style. When u see me
roar my inedible r.... seaking through the floor when you want some more? you bette front
door starting of this rap war. 인창>탁, 탁, 탁 뛰어 네 뒤를 잡아 꼬리에 불을 붙여 버어릴지도
모르는 인창이 하하 놀랬을 거야. 돌연 갑자기 튀어 나와 우리 민족 한국 말로 랩을 하는 그래도
절대로 이쪽의 사람들에게 뒤지지 않아. 나를 봐. 네 뒤를 봐. 언젠가 네 뒤를 밟고 늘어서지도 모르니
긴장해. 그래도 봤자 발버둥쳐 봤자 밑에서 사경을 헤매 여기 나의 친구 U.P.T. and T.J.K 샨, 바비,
마지막 X-teen Crew IIMC>Microphone chekaaz shh I'm pullin down the level it's me only the

l ooh and a little smell of that sidonide gas but could it be the task be the last
amessage for the passage to the past what IIMC with Kim bobby. UPT and DT coming out.
dammagin anthing near here commin to ur nearest theater with the illiest ride. You will really
have this year buzzin from beer my dear we keep this for real. CARLOS>As I attack wit'a
abstract vertical rap ya ni.... step back as I react comin' on tack put it on wax harder than
de.. impact ni... what but never the less everybody wanna mess and flex wit' this (1/2) K-Mex
from the west wit drunken Tigers on my side. bustin' lyrical rhymes divine, spi into ya spine
take control ya mind as you smoke on the kind, wit' the Uptown Family causing trageties,
fatauties, ki....' wacked MC's like 1, 2, 3 taking it to the next stage, for the new age can't run
away, can't run away can't hide me and you do or die.

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