My Light (Album Version)

Sully Erna
앨범 : Avalon

Here I am,
What a nice place to be,
I never thought I'd see the skies seperate for me,
And here I am,
What a nice surprise,
If only I had known what life was like on this side.
You always bring me life
And you helped me find my way,
A gentle kiss good night,
Is the innocence i pray.
Here i am,
Humbled and amazed,
This beautiful little miracle of life,
Was gifted to me.
I never thought I'd say,
If ever I could live my life again,
I'd live it your way.
You've always brought me life
And you've helped me find my way,
A simple kiss good night is the innocence I crave,
I'd never waste your time,
I'll never cause you pain.
I'll love you all my life,
I'll love you everyday.
(Yeah, Yeah. Love you everyday!)
Under the light you shine on me,
I prosime I will be there for you baby,
(I never wanna leave you anyway, youve become my light)
I cross my heart thats in your hands,
That i hope you will always be my best friend.
I promise I will be there 'til the end.
You've become my light.
I promise I will be there for you baby,
Cross my heart that's in your hands,
And hope that you'll always be my best friend,
I promise I will be there 'til the end,

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