Rodrigo Del Arc
앨범 : Trip (Single)

Hey you
What (are) you doing there?
Come back to the ground ‘cause it just ain’t fair
Later, I want to hang around
And I’m not getting down
So hold on in there
Broken floors and prickled eyes
They took me back to paradise
But everyone kept knocking on my door
Posh Motels, fancy cars
A blue bird stroke in my guitar
While everyone keeps knocking on my door
All day I’ve been here on my own
Waiting for things to turn my way
And sometimes I just want to brake away
I want to see the world in my own way
Colored walls, turning signs
I held it up and rolled the dice
While everyone kept knocking on my door
I see it all, but I can’t move
Hey, there’s nothing I can do
So please stop knocking on my door
This trip can’t wait
I’m in outer space
Maybe you can do the same
This trip is long
It carries on
And my advice is mind your way

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