Never Get Enough Of You Love

Michael Bolton

So alive, when you're near
Sometimes this pounding in my heart is all that I can hear
Everyday, every night
I feel my weakness gettin' stronger
With each moment passin' by

I keep tryin' to tell my heart
Just a matter of time, till the feeling subsides
But time doesn't change a thing
And I want you to know
That I need you more than ever

Never get enough of your love
It would only take me
Till the end of forever
Never get enough of your love
Heaven knows I've tried
But I can't get enough of your love

Can't deny what I feel
The more I fall into this dream the more I know it's real
I just run to your touch
'Cause nothin' else can satisfy this hunger for your love

They say that a time will come when the thrill is gone
Still it keeps goin' strong
And time doesn't mean a thing
'Cause as good as it gets
Oh it just keeps gettin' better


The more I feel the more I feel about you
The trouble is I never get enough
The more I live the more I just can't live without you
I can't get enough
No never enough of your love


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