Come With Me

Stevie B
앨범 : Hit Collection

You think that just because I'm serious
I'm not the one
I'd like to tell you, girl
There's a time and place for having fun
I love you more than words could ever say
The love I have you, girl will never go away
I want to give you more, take a chance
What are you waiting for, take my hand
And you'll feel my love
Just try with me and you will see love
Come with me, I'll love you better
Come with me, No other love can do you right [Repeat]
There comes a time in your life to say goodbye
A time to leave all the good things you did behind
No it's not easy
They'll say you're crazy, love is blind
Come on and take a chance with your heart
to moonn6pence from papayeverte

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