Seventh Grade Dance (Album Version)

Smash Mouth
앨범 : Get The Picture

Walking on down to the seventh grade dance
And I don't know what we're going there for
No one's gonna talk to us, we'll look real silly
Staring at the gymnasium floor
I'll wrestle the beat
With my two left feet
They'll laugh and they'll stare
At what my mom made me wear
Tomorrow I'll wake up
Crying and smiling
It's just another day in the suburbs
Where behind every cloud there's a big ball of burning sunshine
Hitching a ride to the high school dance
And I don't know what we're going there for
The girls are so pretty in their shopping mall fashions
And we're so invisible to them
I feel like I'm in
Some John Hughes film
Like a dream we've all had
Where you can't run too fast
Tomorrow we'll wake up
Crying and smiling
Driving on up to the Hollywood party
I dunno what I'm going there for
There's too many fools and too many rules
And dress codes, and I'm one too many people there
They'll shake and they'll grin
Sharing 8 by 10's
They'll point and they'll laugh
At my photograph
Tomorrow they'll wake up
Crying and smiling...

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