Too Close


what, what's that..what's that baby, funky, all right

baby when you're grinding
i get so exicted (feelin so good)
soh, how i like it (so real)
i try, but i can't fight it
oh you're dancin real close (real close)
plus it's real, real slow ( you know)
you're making it hard for me

all the slow songs you requested
you're dancing like you're naked
it's almost like we're sexing (oh yeah)
yeah ohh, i like it
no i can't deny it
but i know you can tell i'm excited..ohh girl

step back you're dancing kinda close (ohh yeah)
i feel a little pull coming through on you
now girl, i now you felt it
before u know i can't help it
you know what i want to do


baby us dancing so close
ain't a good idea
'cos now i wnat you now and here
theway that you shake it o me
makes me want you so bad sexually (oh girl)



i love when you shake it like that
i see that you lie it like that

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