Johnny Johnny (쟈니쟈니)

Various Artists

Saw you on the TV
you sang a song to me
said you'd take me for a ride
Take me to a place where
I'm danice' all the time
never see the world outside
I just can't wait to get home every night
switchin' on my TV, oh wow wow
Jonny let me turn off the light
I'm gonna keep you here all the night
Johnny Johnny Johnny Johnny
saw you in a move
more than a fantasy
knew you were the one for me
showing yourself to me
in front of everyone
that's the way it had to be
Don't blame me momma, I gotta be free
he's gonna take me away, oh wow wow
and anywhere he will take me to
I'll be happy, believe me now
Johnny Johnny shake to the beat
Johnny Johnny movin' my feet
oh wow wow, I'm just dreaming my life away
Johnny Johnny closer to me

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