Child Of The Sun

Goombay Dance Band

God created all this,
the rain, the oceans, the sun and the moon.
One time in your life you'll came to the point
when you realize.
There must be a supreme being,
and there must be God.

See the birds fly up in the sky.
Look at the mountains, the stars that shine.
God made in one by one, in seven days.
He made the golden sun to watch your ways.

Life's a wonder to little boys,
so full of hunger and full of joy.
One day you'll understand the meaning of it all,
then you'll walk like a man, free, proud and tall.

Child of the sun, child of the earth,
you're just a part in God's universe.
And only God knows what will be.
He loves you till the very last day.
Child of the sun, in his hands forever you'll stay.

Close your eyes dear, here comes the night.
I wish you sweet dreams till the morning light.
I'll sing you a lullaby till the bluebird comes
and keep my eyes on you, you're not alone.


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