Blind Melon

Is this the place that I wanna be?
Is it you I wanna see?
Holdin' on, holdin' high, show me everything.

1-And you're leavin' me, yeah, you're leavin' me
You're leaving me with a hated identity
But I keep on a-comin' here
And standin' in this state

Oh, I'm never really sure
If you take what I'm sayin' the right way

2-But I'm not appalled or afraid
Verbal pocket play
Is as discreet as I can muster up to be
Because the cadillac that's sittin' in the back
It isn't me
Oh, no, no, no, it isn't me

I'm more at home in my galaxie
Oh, yeah

Can I do the things I wanna do?
That I don't do, because of you?
And I'll take a left and I'll second guess
Into total mess
(rpt 1)

Oh, and I'm always reassured
The situation's gettin' carried away
(rpt 2)

No, it isn't me, it isn't me...
In my galaxie

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