Every Moment

Sam Ock

see, my heart is on fire
for all of my hope is slipping through these cracks
of all my sin...
i know that You know these things
this journeys taking all the strength i have..

but You would (take me in/pick me up) again
this fallen, beaten, state im in
(with/in) You i know that i have everything
and i wonder

will it be today, or maybe tomorrow
that i find my strength in You?
for the road is long with sunshine and sorrow
but still i cherish every moment with You!

yes i do! (right here,) when im with You!

Verse 2:
see, im weary, im tired
but You give me peace of mind through all my days
and all my nights
i know that Youre guiding me
so every doubt i have will fade away


there is no better place
of love and amazing grace
no more tears or pain
til then i will never cease to pray!

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