I Still Belong To You

Lynn Anderson

(Jerry Foster - Bill Rice)
??'70 Jack & Bill Music ?

I thought of leaving you a note but every time I start
There's knowing blue enough to write this feeling in my heart
Sometimes I packed to run away but where would I run to
My heart would keep reminding me I still belong to you
Many times I've had the urge to pack my things and leave
But this feeling comes and goes so I'll never do
If I love you enough to stand the things you've put tme through
No matter what you'd do to me I still belong to you
I'm hurt inside but what's his pride it won't keep me warm at night
It has no arms to take me in and hold me like you do
What a little bit of love you give is all I'm clinging to
It takes your love to make me live I still belong to you
It takes your love to make me live I still belong to you

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