너무나도 예뻐 내 눈이 너무 부셔 숨을 못쉬겠어 your body knows the answer
Damn ooh baby baby baby damn ooh baby baby
부끄러워 하지마 난 달콤한 lolly pop 조금만 기다려봐 I'ma get your body rock
Damn ooh baby baby baby damn ooh baby baby
But you're still young firl to know a man's world
It ain't a game girl I use my soul when I flirt
I'm sorry young girl I used to lift them skirts
Make'em lie down on my bed 서로 다른 머리카락 curls
Your body's calling me my body's thirsty
How can I ignore that sign let's have a diner with some wine
No need to say, I can see it through your eyes
Only today you'll be loved in different styles

엎드려서 다시 또 마시던 걸 마시고 눈이 자꾸 맞아 널 내 옆에다가 눕히고
목덜미를 만지고 입술 위를 적시고
엉덩이를 지나면 난 본능에 지배돼 내 손이 널 만지는 동안 저 해는 쉬게 해
눈을 감고 있으면 잊어버려 너와 나 서로의 숨소리만 남아
Oh you so freak baby out of control baby
That's what I love, turn around I wanna see your face
And kiss your lips baby I'm about to lift your skirt
Push the start so I can drive you like a monster baby
Your body's killing me killing me softly with your movement
Your body groovin' spiral movement rodeo ridin'

so let's make up a story for tomorrow
You were in a business meeting in a hotel, it wasn't a party
You didn't have fun at all you just shook hands
Million times, millions of hands

Once again, baby turn around I keep it mysterious from behind
I know you like it when I do the sound but listen,
Billion.1 surround
Show me your "animal side"
There ain't no surprise on your social profile

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