Love won't see me comin'
On a Sunday noon today
Still don't believe we're fadin'
But now the world should wait
And now you're finally listenin'
To what I have to say
Well, all the time is right
And it is today

You aren't listenin'
I ain't talkin'
We ain't gettin' nowhere
I keep tryin'
To get through to you baby
All you do is stare
I don't wanna see that
I need you by my side
Well, I don't wanna be your lover
Babe, I wanna be your man

Maybe we could talk about it
And try to get it straight
After all these years
Baby, maybe it's too late
But I really need
To have you by my side
And that's the only feelin'
Baby, I can't hide

Yeah - Yeah, yeah, yeah

Now my story's over, baby
And I ain't gonna tell it twice
Well, you better start listenin'
Or get out of my life
Or you're gonna be left out
I said, left out in the cold
Yeah, before you get my lovin'
Babe, you'll be too old

Yeah - Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah - Yeah, yeah, yeah

Well, I'm talkin' to you baby
Well, I said yeah, yeah, yeah,

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