Under Pressure(Dallas Austin Mix)

Boyz II Men

Under Pressure (Dallas Austin Mix)

*Boyz II Men practice harmonizing*

Spoken: Hey guys?
Boyz II Men: Yo what's up y'all?
Hey why don't we do something for the jeeps you know?
Boyz II Men: Yeah that's cool, like what though?
Like some harmony over the hip hop tracks?

There's a girl I know who looks so fine
She really turns me on
My friends said I should
But it's takin' me too long
Every time I get the nerve to call
She is never home
I leave another message
And I sit here all alone
She's got me

Under pressure
And the feelin' is killin' me
Under pressure
Why is it oh so strong
I don't wanna be alone

So I got a chance to talk to her
To see just where we stand
If she felt the same about me
Could I be her only man
I tried to write it out
That we could have some fun
But before I got an answer
She said she had to run, it's got me

Chorus (repeats four times)

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