Get It Right

Out Of Eden

Get It Right
V 1: So many times I've walked this way;
So many times from you I've strayed;
Fallen way behind to my former state of mind;
I look around what do I see, so many stugglin' just like me;
Tryin' to live this life;
Falling down to comprimise;
But then I have question, "Is that what we're living for?";
Aren't we called to perfection, to strive for so much more;
I find that we have settled too many times;
Should not be so, I think it's time God's letting us know

CHORUS: We need to get it right, no need to walk this way no more
We need to step in the light & find out what we're living for

V 2: The voice of God is drawing near;
Only the wisest one's will hear;
Seeing the world today, will you choose to go his way?;
It doesn't end in choosin', because in all we do;
We're called to keep on goin' just to remain true


I can see how the other life it must look so nice;
But what is after, its over far from Paradise;
Got to know there is nothing worth missin' the call;
Let me tell you he is calling & you've got to give your all
[ChOrUs TiLL FAdE]

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