디젤 스니커즈(Diesel Sneakers)

I can't anymore.. The love is blind & Try to forgive

I can't anymore.. Feel just like I should.. Let's fall

Let's Fall !!!

always something diffrent..

I Pray.. The world is driftting...

Heart's gate  won't open up for me I'm cralwin' reach for you..

All I need is you.. Please call.. call you

Heaven's gate  won't open up for me My broken heart is bleeding

All I see is you.. come please.. call you

I just want stay.. You can't never heard.. Hear me.. Let you kill me..

The silent screamer's eye

I'm just full for you.. and you've done this wrong

I don't want falling down.. before your breath is stoppin'

I promise.. I promise.. I promise..

Let's fall together heaven's gate

I promise.. I promise.. Sail away..Sail away..

Say my little GOD.. you never wonder...

Cut off.. your eyes close for me..

before your breathing stopped..

I kill myself for you..

Don't wonder...  beneath of the lies...

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Diesel Sneakers 8mm  
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M(이민우) L.U.V  
신화 L.U.V  
이민우 L.U.V  

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