A Friend Of Mine

Kelly Price

1 - She was a friend of mine
She left with my man
She lied
Took all I had

She was a friend of mine
She used what she knew
She lied
And left me confused

I feel so lost
Don't know why this has happened to me, mmm
My closest friend
I never would have thought it could be
You were someone
Someone I really thought I could trust
But my man you laid
And I'm betrayed

Repeat 1

Thicker than blood
Where ever there was me there was you
My all was your all
But that wasn't enough for you
You had to see
And tried to walk a mile in my shoes
In my head, in my bed
Betrayed by my best friend

Repeat 1

And oh, I wanna know why (why)
You were my friend (why)
I gave you all I had (why)
Everything, everything that you wanted (why)
Oh why (why)
You were my friend (why)
Oh, my sister (why)

Repeat 1 until fade

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