Anything Can Happen

Was (Not Was)

She took me in the bedroom
To show me her computer
She asked me if I liked it
I told her she was cuter
She wasn't that great
But it was getting kind of late
She talked about her father
Said he never really liked her
Said that she'd been married
To a schizophrenic biker
I thought I'd say goodbye
But then I saw her start to cry
We danced by the light
Of her video screen
She looked me in the eye
And said: "Why me?"

On any given night
Anything can happen
When the underdog is hungry
The favorite might fall
With all the people
Yellin' and clappin'
Anything can happen
Anything at all

She drove a baby blue Ferrari
She was all silk and diamonds
Livin' at the top
No need for social climbin'
I asked her for a ride
She said: "Right here by my side"
We went to her place
Overlooking the bay
She said: "There's just one bed
Will that be okay?"


Successful romance
Is best left up to chance
There's nothing you can do
When the fire burns low
And your heart turns cold
It comes to you
Out of the blue

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