Pirate Radio

John Hiatt

Well, those electric sheep to the valley they keep walkin
On the radio waves selling tennis shoes and beer
It induces sleep when that DJ starts his squawkin'
I'm lookin' for one song to save me on this midnight clear

So how far do we have to go to hear that Pirate Radio?
One song that could steal our hearts
Before they turn into silver and gold
Well I'm drivin' my car real slow and my baby wants to know
When we gonna hear our song on that Pirate Radio?

One star in the sky so I named it Otis Redding
Or maybe Marvin Gaye lookin' for his Tammi Terrell
There ain't no mountain high enough to stop this wedding
Rollin' out of Memphis to Detroit I can hear those bells


Well, we've been drivin' all night, ever since we were teenagers,
Up to that border town where the outlaw station air waves
Where the DJ's outta sight and his heart is so courageous
And he loves every song that he's puttin' on for the free and brave


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