Black Hole

Lindsay Lohan

1절:    I found that box of letters lying on the ground
the one s you used to write me before it all went down
I even got a paper out  trying to figure out
what to do with all these memories
cuz youre not who used to be
and i wonder you ve gone

*코러스*have you falling in a black hole
somewhere there's a universe of missing stuff
what happened to the good time
what happened to the moments
when we had so much where s the love

2절:   remember all those hours
laughing on the floor
those days of doing nothing felt like
nothing did before
i don't know those weakness or that money after all
i d trade them for an old messages you called
cuz if s not how it used to feel
and i wonder what went wrong

*코러스반복 1번*

i wanna go there   and i wanna know where
everything that meant something to me lives on

i founded that box of letters   they used to make me smile
but now i feel so lonely


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