Jesus Jones

You're never going to say the things you want to say
The things you want to change will usually stay that way
The promises you break outweigh the ones you keep
The sky I'm told is blue is looking very grey

Nothing's going to seem the way it seems to you
It never turns out quite the way you want it to
Paint upon the wall for the hundredth time
But what you try to hide will come shining though
But what you try to hide will come shining though

There's so much you would do if you just had the time
Like try to write a song but in never rhymes (only sometimes)
You'd love to change the system but it works too well for you
If you didn't have to patience you could turn to crime

There's something that you fell that you can't explain
That makes you feel lost when it starts to rain
It bothers you the most when you are on your own
It whispers your intentions will all be in vain

The month you hate the most is always February

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