Diesel Boy

yeah, yeah, yeah the hood of your car and the florida skyline you told me your secrets with your head pressed to mine we lay close together like ivy entwined you are all of my songs and the sun as it shines so much beauty and style what a beautiful smile like the perfect picasso both color and grace i call my machine to hear your voice one more time and my stomach gets weak as your voice comes through the line the air is quiet, calm, and still just as it always and forever will and my radio plays the same old song and it makes me forget that you are gone

관련 가사

가수 노래제목  
더 문샤이너스(The Moonshiners) Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah!  
Uncle Kracker YEAH, YEAH, YEAH  
Joy Box Yeah Yeah Yeah  
Terror Squad Yeah Yeah Yeah  
Alice Cooper Yeah, Yeah, Yeah  
Di-Rect Yeah Yeah Yeah  
Kix Yeah, Yeah, Yeah  
New Politics Yeah Yeah Yeah  
P.Y.T. Yeah Yeah Yeah  
조이박스 yeah yeah yeah  

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