Broken Glass

King Diamond

The storm was gone
but dark clouds
were still around
The perfect settingc
for things to come
late afternoon
She was still in her bed after
her visit to the crypt
Someone was calling Henry's name
Or was it only in her dream
A dream of breaking glass
glass cutting into the flesh
Rain turning red
blood running for the dead
Again she heard a name
it was louder but the same
Johnathan was fighting
his way out of bed
Where's Brandon Henry
and why is he late
He didn't feel well today
So I sent him back to bed
and that's where he'll stay
But I, my dear
will cater to your needs
For you I will be the hand
the hand that feeds
Abigail obseesed
with her revenge
Her old spirit was back
It made her remember her dream
of broken glass
"Use it in your scheme
the broken glass
Broken glass crushed
in sugar glace
Making dinner
for Johnathan dinner
Abigail was having fun
Would it be a romantic dinner
or slaughter of the lamb
Would broken glass
would be cutting deep
deep into the fleah of a man
Dinner was enjoyed
by candlelight
And Johnathan was wearing
Funeral suit
it put him in the right mood
Whatever it took, he would do
He was in love
he was in love again
He was in love
he was in love again
But Abigail would soon
feed his love away
Feed his love away
Dinner is Served

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