Heaven In The Afternoon

Belle and Sebastian
앨범 : White Collar Boy (S...

I love you like I love my blood
I love this town, I love you just as much
I love you like I love my God
I thought that we agreed to never touch
Come and sit beside me in the dark
Incline your head
Mama take a hold of me
I read bad books, I'm crying in my sleep
Mama take a hold of me
Lonely's easy for the rocks and trees
"Sister, make my feelings known," I whisper to the grass
Supersonic sight, practiced in thickest light
9.30, hello night-time
I'll never sleep again
Heaven in the afternoon
The sunlight bids me to the viewing room
I take a little overdose
And the sun has gone, I see the city clock
Baby, did you pick yourself a boy up in the aisle?
You want someone to read to you
A bear called Pooh
Tales of Ratty's riverbank
A fantasy
Baby stories
A reverie
A body warm in sympathy
A body warm in sympathy

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