Rise and Fall

Sophie Hunger
앨범 : Monday's Ghost

A burning countryside
Mountains being climbed
We shift and turn and swear and yearn
If only you would mind
A general collision
With all that stands as such
We reinvent, we tear apart
And stitch and stitch and stitch
Marching band`s parading
Perfume floods the streets
Everyone is standing
The crowd inside of me
But all of this yeah, all of this
To you does not exist
And empires rise and empires fall
And empires rise and empires fall
And we engage and we dissolve
For nothing but the change
Z`Vreneli abern Guggisberg
Und z`Hans Jacobeli ??ern Berg
S`isch ???M?sch uf 훣de
S`isch ???M?sch uf 훣de
Wo i m?ht binim sie

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