Isn't She Lovely

브라운 아이드 소울
앨범 : Brown Eyed Soul Chr...
작사 : Stevie Wonder
작곡 : Stevie Wonder

Isn't she lovely
Isn't she wonderful
Isn't she precious
Less than
one minute old
I never thought
through love we'd be
Making one
as lovely as she
But isn't she lovely
made from love
Isn't she pretty
Truly the angel's best
Boy I'm so happy
We have been
heaven blessed
I can't believe
what God has done
Through us
he's given life to one
But isn't she lovely
made from love@
Isn't she lovely
Life and love
are the same
Life is Aisha
The meaning
of her name
Londie it could
have not been done
Without you
who conceived the one
That's so very lovely
made from love

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