Cha Cha Cha

Flipmode Squad

Baby Sham...
Rah Digga...
Spliff Star...
In ya face...
U wanna battle
[Spliff Star]
Yo Yo Yo! It's my time to shine and I'm a shine bright
Terrorize the mic get the crowd height. Make em want to fight
You see the ryhmes I construct. The flows I conduct (say what)
It messed up the body like somebody got buck Pluck a word
I laze it down flat like a door mat (get down)
In every state wherever I toured at.
?bliff my spliff nuttin bubble? Da what, Da undesputed
Counting traps, taking trip out the cacilac.
Smokin' quan-quan. Chill wit wild chics in the Montreaon
Cracking da many bar, for the hell. Grap a Avreon
Mink Spliff, be the illest tailor of my fashion
The hell what people think. Watch a brother turn platinum
Ya'll people people wanna get down. Ya sucker wanna battle
A what Ya'll wannna do. Na cha cha cha cha cha
Ya'll people people wanna get down. Ya sucker wanna battle
A what Ya'll wannna do. Na cha cha cha cha cha
Ya'll people people wanna get down. Na cha cha cha cha cha
Ya sucker wanna battle. Na cha cha cha cha cha
A what Ya'll wannna do. Na cha cha cha cha cha
Na cha cha cha cha cha cha cha cha
[Rah Digga]
Digga, Digga. first name Rahshea
Sweetest person, had no idea
Just like that honey flipped three times
Wit nickles and dime staking ryhmes by the eon
Situation around the way with my women
Looking spiffy wit the vendi type linen
Tote'n herbals, we got papers like staples
Marla Marples, didn't think I could take you
Confrontation, now rappers wanna run up
Trying to flex muscle on a shorty tring to come up (pssss!)
Ryhmes hotter than concrete statues in Eygpt
Roll em all out like they parapilegic
Boy--I got lyrics for the brain
You faker than them new heads calling me by my nickname
I shatter a ego quick. I be that chick
The wrong people gonna be round to see that shhhhhh!
[Baby Sham]
Get the royal blue nab (nab), and swing my way (way)
On some real party type if you hold your way (way)
I can hold mine. You wanna battle--blow some lines (lines)
Rocks gleam on the top of my wrist. You want this
Be the same dude that hop on the pubic splits (ugh)
Can't hold this jealous cause ya shorty want this
You lady blacked out in front of my crib. Her man staked out
On the rare the cloud sh...shut your mouth
What you chap out the same word. Been on for ?chriz?
The style got you twist up walk wit face ice grilled up
Some kat pulled up in a black surburb
Let me move first so I can pulled my truck to the curb
Ya moves slow get bashed in from Q.B. to Aspen
I'm short for reason. You spoke and should have passed that
Don't ask my age cause the world made me like that
Blow a whole in this place as soon as my bomb contact
[still Busta]
Yeah, Rah Digga, Sliff Star, Baby Sham, Flipmode Squad

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