Nightmare (Feat. 신연아)

앨범 : Pesadelo
작사 : 푸디토리움
작곡 : 푸디토리움

Sunshining over the clouds.
Look seaside, hear that wave sings.
See that blue sky, take breath out, you know
Stars shining drive into your eyes.
See moonlight, hear that light sings.
Get in moontrain Can't you fly me away where you are?
Starry starry eyes, I minn so much.
starry starry eyes I dream of you alone.
Right away now, Take me your side. I love you.
Turn the starlight, I see your face.
Turn the starlight, cause I know we can stay together
So I'm alright
See that blue, why don't you say that I love you so?
I wait too long, can I stop the waiting someday you know?

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