Graduation Tears (From ”Chelsia My Love”)

앨범 : Chelsia Chan In One...
작사 : 陳秋霞(진추하)
작곡 : 陳秋霞(진추하)

And now is the time to say goodbye to the books
And the people who have guide me along
They showed me the way to joy and happiness,
My friend, How can I forget the fun we had before
I don’t know how I would go on with out you in a wicked world
I’ll be all alone, I’ve been blessed by school life.
Don’t cure about a thing.
Got ta thank our teachers and my friends
Graduation tears Congratulation Cheers,
It’s the day of my emotion
Can’t you see
Who’d know the friend ship and love I’ll leave behind
As I step out of the school yard I have known

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Chelsia Chan Graduation Tears (From ”Chelsia My Love”)  
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