We Have All

블랙홀(Black Hole)
앨범 : Black Hole

I Was A Poor Man But I Was A Dreammer And I Want To Have All Of The World You Had All That You Want But You Had Not Dreamming And You Don′t Want To Have A Love When I′ll Get Sword Of The Future I′ll Cut The Desire You′re Like Seems To Have No Reason Of Existnce
When I See My Past Time I Can Realize The Truth I Had A Lot Of Love I Can Feel A Love From My Friends And My Neighbor So I Can Feel We Have All Right! I Don′t Need Anymore !I Don′t Want Anymore ! I Don′t Cry No More ! Reason Why I Have All !

관련 가사

가수 노래제목  
H.O.T. 페르시안 블랙홀  
파란 Black Hole  
Lindsay Lohan Black Hole  
Collective Arts (콜렉티브아츠), 영민 Black Hole  
정동하 Black Hole  
샤이니(SHINee) Black Hole  
샤이니 (SHINee) Black Hole  
윤하 (YOUNHA) Black hole  
런 옐로우(Run Yellow) Black Hole  
블랙홀(Black Hole) 깊은 밤의 서정곡  
블랙홀(Black Hole) 날 그리는 바다  

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