Mariah Carey
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There's a hero-데얼스어히어로
If you look inside your heart-잎유룩인싸이듀얼할트
You don't have to be afraid-유돈 햅투비어프레이드
Of what you are-옵와츄얼~~
there's an answer-데얼선 엔썰
If you reach into your soul-잎유 리친투유얼쏘올~
And the sorrow that you know-앤더쏘로우대츄노우

will melt away-윌멜터웨이~

And then a hero comes along-앤덴어 히어로컴스얼롱
With the strength to carry on-윋더 스트렝투캐리온
And you cast your fears aside-앤듀캐스트유얼 필져사이드
And you know you can survive-앤듀노유캔썰바이브
So when you feel like-쏘웬유필라잌

hope is gone-홉이스곤
Look inside you-룩인사이듀
and be strong-앤비스트롱

And you'll finally see the truth-앤듈 피날리 씨더트루
That a hero lies in you-댓어히어로 라이신유~

It's a long road-이츠어롱~로드~
When you face the world alone-웬유 페이스더월덜론
No one reaches out a hand-노원 리취사웃어핸드
For you to hold-폴유투홀ㄷ~
You can find love-유캔파인럽
If you search within yourself-잎유서치위딘유얼셀프
And the emptiness you felt-앤더 엠티니슈얼펠트
Will disappear-윌 디사피얼


Lord knows-로얼 노오우스
Dreams are hard to follow-드림설할투팔로우
But don't let anyone-벋돈렛 애니온
Tear them away-티얼뎀어웨이
Hold on-홀돈
There will be tomorrow in time-델윌비투마로~인타임
You'll find the way-율파인더 웨이~~

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