Average Man


I can't believe you're doing this to me
What have I done to you
I analyze the scene, I'm guilt free
I've got nothing to lose, but you, but you

'Cos I'm doing all that I can
'Cos your only an average man
'Cos I'm doing all that I can
'Cos your only an average man

I've stood by your defense
So many times I've protected your land
But like the foolish man
You built your castle on the sand
You won't listen to no-ones thoughts but yours
Then you don't understand
When I reach out to you
I'm offering you a helping hand, my hand

Why won't you understand
I just want to hold your hand
When I'm reaching out to you
I just want to help you

I'd nothing to lose
When I helped myself to your heart
I'd nothing to prove
I was straight with you from the start

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