Tell Mama

Etta James

Your dogs ain't found a good girl,
One that love you and give you warning
Now you find that you been misused,
Well how many girls can think all right

She'd embarrass you anywhere,
She'd make her friends think that she didn't care
Give me the chance and I'd been begging
And I just want to take care of you and I want you to

Tell Mama, all about it, tell Mama, what you need
Tell Mama, what you want and how that girl does things all right
Let me hear you say "Yash"

The girl you had didn't have no sense,
she wasn't worth all the time you spent
Had another man kick you out the door,
now that same dude is wearing your clothes

Tell your Mama, what you want, tell your Mama, what you need
Tell your Mama, what you got to have

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