3rd Storee
앨범 : 3rd storee

Listen baby, girl I can't help myself
I don't want nobody else
Girl can't you see I were meant for you
You were meant for me, listen baby
And it's clear as a bell
You love me I can tell
So girl what's up
You can not deny we're falling
Falling in love ooh girl

[3rd Storee]
1- Girl tonight, tonight
I got a feeling tonight, tonight
Tonight I'm gon' be yours and yours alone
You know yours alone

Listen baby, please girl don't keep me waiting
Keep me anticipating, I'm so in love
There aint no doubt about it
You're the one that I love

Repeat 1

I, I'm so infatuated
Feels like I'm not your baby
The way I'm feeling inside
Oh I, I won't deny it baby
You're the only thing I want
And I want it tonight and I...

Repeat 1 till end

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