I'll Be There

Sweet Box
앨범 : Adagio

We all know how it is
Sometimes you need a shoulder to lean on
And when that time comes you know I'm there
Come on

Doesn't matter when you call me at night
I'll be there I'II be there all the time
Doesn’t matter when the tears hurt your eyes
I'll be there I'II be there it's alright
I will care
I will share
I will take you out of the dark
Doesn’t matter when you call me at night
I'll be there I'II be there all the time

(rap verse 1)
Would you be down if lost my job
and I'm feelin'depressed
Would you help me relieve the stress
So if I'm sick and I need to rest
Would you tuck me in – feed me soup – and rub my chest
And then the times when I just need somebody to talk my chest
Are you the right one I could walk to
When I'm down and tears are pourin’
It's three in the morning would you pick up
The phone when I'm callin'
Tell me girl

(rap verse 2)
We all go through our ups and downs
At times I wanna cuss and frown
When bad luck sucks you down
I need someone to cheer me up
Make me laught
Splash away the grief when we take a bath
And in my time of need she'll be there for me always
And we can chill and relax on our off days
It's only right to give her all praise
Cause when the times get tough
She'll be killing me softly when she says

I know it isn't easy, I know it isn't fair
I know that life is heavy when no one cares
Cause we all need a shelter
We all need a home
So come with me cause I will never let you cry alone

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