So Goodbye

소규모 아카시아 밴드

So Goodbye - 소규모 아카시아 밴드

So Goodbye I think I should have told you
That I'm still yours
So goodbye my love

So goodbye I hear the birds singing It's time to go
So goodbye my friends

I thought you would do but I was wrong
Now I see myself still left alone
Now I think I know where I belong
Now I don't want to let this life go on
No more, no more

So goodbye those bittersweet memories
Once so lovely
So goodbye I'm gone
So goodbye those pretty starry eyes
Once just for me
So goodbye I'm gone

So goodbye~

produced by minhong
song written by minhong
lyric by penny & minhong
song by eunji
recording at 9bus studio
mixed by Gyu-hun Song

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